The Return of Grand Admiral Thrawn

Today at the Star Wars Celebration, during the Star Wars Rebels panel a bombshell was dropped. Executive producer and showrunner Dave Filoni announced that Grand Admiral Thawn would be joining the third season of the show. Timothy Zahn, who created Thrawn, came on through video and was announced that he would be writing the new novel, Star Wars: Thrawn.

When Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney, most of the continuity built up through books, comics, etc. was thrown out in favor of starring fresh. This meant that the popular “Thrawn trilogy” had to go. But Lucasfilm always remained coy about the more popular things from the now dubbed Legends continuity as it was always assumed that more popular elements would come back into this new continuity. Today those statements started to become more true than ever.

Thrawn was announced as being part of the third season of Rebels and would be voiced by Lars Mikkelsen. How much of a part would he have to play is still being kept under wraps. His novel will no doubt cover his origins and the role he plays in the Galactic Empire. Whatever role he has to play going forward in Star Wars, it is nice to have Grand Admiral Thrawn back.


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