Krysten Ritter Should Have Been Nominated For ‘Jessica Jones’

Today the nominations for the Emmy’s were announced. When it came to the announcement of Best Lead Actress in a Television Series, Krysten Ritter’s was not named off. I can’t say that I watch all the shows that the nominees were nominated for but I do hear great things about each one so I can’t say there is fault in their nominations. That being said, Krysten Ritter delivered one of the best performances in the past year for her role in Jessica Jones.
Ritter played the title role in the Netflix drama. The series is loosely based off of the Marvel Max comic Alias (no relation to the television series that came out around the same time). Jessica Jones is a private detective who is blunt and cynical who drinks a little too much who is deep down a good person but suffering from serious trauma and doing her best to move on. Ritter perfectly encapsulates this as there were many episodes where you can’t help but be mad and frustrated with what Jessica was doing but you understood why.

There were many sides shown of Jessica that Ritter showed. From cynical trauma survivor to soft and caring but with an edge. By the end of the season, Jessica had been put through the ringer. With such a dark show and ending on a downer note, you still wanted more. Part of this definitely came from Krysten Ritter’s performance as Jessica Jones. She was able to bring this multifaceted character to life and you wanted to see more of her. It is a shame that she was not nominated but there is always next year. 


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