Enter Kid Flash…Maybe

Ever since Keiynan Lonsdale was announced as joining the cast of CW’s The Flash as Wally West, many just wondered when he would become Kid Flash. Wally West was the sidekick Kid Flash for decades before becoming The Flash himself. There were numerous hints about Wally becoming a speedster throughout the second season. He was a drag racer and making numerous references to going faster. The biggest hint towards his future as a speedster came when Wally was hit by the Speed Force manifested by Barry Allen aka The Flash.

The producers have said that they don’t want the show to be overrun with speedster. One can see why as the universe they have built is not overrun with super powered beings. The Flash is arguably one of the most powerful ones since he can do things such as travel through time. So what makes Wally West the new Kid Flash? It’s all Barry’s fault.

In the season two finale, Barry made the rash decision to travel back in time and prevent his mother’s murder. This has a nasty precedent in the comics where Barry did the same thing and created a dystopia. The event was called Flashpoint which is also the title of the first episode of the third season. The show has just started filming its third season and there is location shooting where people can see Wally, in costume, fighting an evil looking version of The Flash.

This is no doubt an alternate version of reality. There was a key moment last season where Wally had his reflexes tested by his father to see if he was a speedster and there was nothing. Not to say that he won’t ever exhibit abilities but in the proper reality he does not have any. So will Wally ever become Kid Flash on the show? Probably. He will probably not be called that since he is not that much younger than Barry. But Wally will more than likely be donning a costume again.


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