Lex Luthor in Suicide Squad?


Jesse Eisenberg will be continuing on as Lex Luthor in the growing DC Extended Universe. Now that the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Cut has been released, there was something very unique cut of of the theatrical version. Towardss the end of the movie, Batman confronts Lex Luthor in his jail cell where they have a conversation about things have gone. Batman is furious that he has been manipulated while Luthor is continuing to be smug. Brushing off threats about jail time, Luthor claims how he is “insane” and not fit to stand trial. Batman then tells him about how there are mental health institutes for that and ones with compassion but instead he has arranged Luthor to be sent to the infamous Arkham Asylum. Lex’s face immediately drops at the prospect.


This is unique because people know that Arkham Asylum plays a role in the upcoming Suicide Squad. This is the institute that houses deadly criminals such as Killer Croc and a more famous example would be The Joker. So will Luthor be appearing in Suicide Squad? Reason to believe that he might make some sort of appearance. This movie particularly deals with the growing threat of metahumans aka people with powers in the wake of Superman making his grand entrance during the events of Man Of Steel. As seen in BvS, Lex Luthor has been assembling files on many methaumans.


David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, has revealed that ARGUS plays a role in the film. In recent DC Comics lore, ARGUS is essentially the government agency that deals with people with powers. The head of this division of Amanda Waller who is known as a master manipulator. It’s easy to see her roping Luthor into giving her valuable information that will help her with her cause. Usually deals with Waller like this result in a reduced sentence. For the growing DCEU, it would hard to imagine that Luthor will be incarcerated for however long this continuity exists.

Whether or not, Eisenberg is in Suicide Squad or not, the possibilities are there. We will all find out shortly as the movie is due to be released in four weeks.

What leads more credence to Eisenberg appearing in Suicide Squad? Well here he is in March 2016:


Here he is in April 2016 which is right around the time Suicide Squad was undergoing additional photography:

CinemaCon Big Screen Achievement Awards


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