Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition Review

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Many months ago I gave Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice an okay review. I did not hate the movie but I also did not love the movie either. Right before the movie was released, it was announced how the movie was truncated and that the original version was going to be released on home video. So here we are and that version has been released. What the verdict on this version of the movie?

It’s better. That being said, if you did not like the theatrical version then you are probably not going to like this version either. For me, it really did flesh out some of the more character details that were missing. Lex Luthor, the villain of the movie, and his plan gets the most treatment in this aspect. Things that were assumed in the theatrical version are out and out confirmed in this version. There was a particular moment in the beginning of the movie set in Africa that was really cut out of the theatrical version and so left the rest of the movie in a mess. Here it is restored and explains most of the reaction the world has towards Superman.

Clark Kent/Superman and his supporting characters are also the other characters that benefit more from this extended version. There are more scenes showing Clark Kent being an investigative reporter and showing why he has an animosity towards Batman. There are also more scenes with him interacting with characters such as Martha Kent and Perry White. Also a particular incident showing Superman being more heroic whereas the theatrical, it was left ambiguous what he actually did. When the movie had to have a reduced runtime, it seemed that Superman got the short end of the stick and that is unfortunate.

The problems that faced the film in the theatrical version still are here though. The whole fight between Superman and Batman is flimsy. The resolution to the fight is iffy. The whole climax fight between Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman and Doomsday is still an odd action pack climax to a movie that was more methodical beforehand. I still enjoyed the film and liked it more than the theatrical version. But like I said about that version, it is still a movie best left for every person to see and make up their own mind about the film.


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