Why I’m Glad Jesse Eisenberg Is Continuing As Lex Luthor


The response to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice is the definition of mixed response. One of the more decisive factors was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Some people were excited to see something different from Lex. Others were disappointed because this interpretation did not meet their expectations. I was somewhere in the middle. There were certain scenes where you really got the sense that this was a menace and not someone to be messed with. There were also certain scenes where I thought they could have pulled back on some of his quirks.
Needless to say I was not one clamoring for him to be replaced. Many detractors really harped on the fact that his full name was Lex Luthor Jr. Since he was a Jr. that he was not the true “Lex Luthor”. Forgetting the fact that almost all iterations of Lex have different full names. The one thing that drove me off the wall was how many think Luthor should have been played by Bryan Cranston. If not then Cranston can somehow appear as Lex Luthor Sr. and be the “TRUE” Lex Luthor. Cranston is a damn fine actor and probably would have been great as Luthor but it was so obvious. Cranston had played a bald villain on TV for years and so people were just sticking with the obvious. Say what you will about Eisenberg as Luthor but it was interesting casting.
So now it has been confirmed that Eisenberg will be appearing in the upcoming Justice League movie. There are also rumors that he will have a cameo in Suicide Squad as well. I’m glad to see the creative team behind these movies are sticking with their choices.
If the portrayal was perceived more negative, I could see them wanting to go another direction. However since it was mixed, it is more easy to see why they would stick. Plus now you have a chance to work and develop the character more. I doubt that this version will be universally loved. Lex Luthor is one of the premiere villains in the DC Universe and deserves to be in this new franchise. Besides, I’m just glad we have a Lex Luthor who isn’t obsessed with land.


One thought on “Why I’m Glad Jesse Eisenberg Is Continuing As Lex Luthor

  1. After finally seeing the Ultimate Edition, and the way Lex was taking about the arrival of Darkseid, I wonder if they will go with a brainwashed approach and transform him into the more cold, calculated evil Lex Luthor later? I would like that over this character that we have that is basically The Riddler. We’ll see


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