Saw Gerrera: It’s All Connected


The promotion for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story began today and with that came character reveals. At first the identity of the character played by Forrest Whitaker was kept a secret. It was only said that he would be playing someone already known in the Star Wars canon. It was eventually revealed that he would be playing Saw Gerrera.
Who is that exactly? He is a character that appeared in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In that appearance he was a member of a rebel force, opposed to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. With his reveal that he will be in Rogue One and once again a rebel against the Empire. Side note: it is a little sad and ironic that he has been against the same man, Palpatine, for decades and will probably never know that.
This is important because Saw Gerrera will be the first character of the new canon to appear first somewhere other than a movie and then appear in a movie. Lucasfilm has a story group who is in charge of all the continuity of the Star Wars franchise. It was likely a situation where they saw an opportunity to take a certain character who was probably a grizzled rebel veteran and then make him someone fans have already seen before. Also someone fans have seen before but without any sort of baggage from a character who will have had more stories about them.
With the reveal that Rogue One will feature Darth Vader, this was probably the second biggest nugget of info dropped. Many wondered if everything being canon was something of a farce. The Marvel Cinematic Universe draws criticism with the claim about how everything is connected yet it’s obvious that it is a one way street. It is interesting Lucasfilm taking a different approach to Star Wars.
It will be interesting to see how this approach goes forward. Will these connections only be side characters appearing in movies? Will it be something more important such as very popular characters such as Kanan or Ahsoka appearing in movies? Only time will tell. But it is a good time to be a Star Wars fan.


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