What To Think Of The Upcoming Justice League


As you may or may not know, I was not the biggest fan of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I did not hate the movie but I did not love it either. It was a film that I could see had great ambition but crumbled underneath it’s weight. It was a movie that had to serve many masters and that was ultimately it’s undoing. That being said, I still wanted to see what the future of the DC Extended Universe would bring. The ending of the film promised the beginnings of the Justice League, the premiere superhero team of the DC Comics Universe. Warner Bros. announced that the Justice League movie would be released in November 2017.

As of today, June 21, the film recently had a set visit and the news started pouring out. The synopsis of the movie was released, the villain was finally revealed, the crew were open (as open a crew member can be without burning bridges) about how things will be different from previous entries in the burgeoning franchise. One of the common complaints about Batman v. Superman was how dark and brooding the film was. I tend to agree with this statement on some level. I think there is a nice balance to everything and the film certainly had an odd tone about it. It made sense for a movie about Batman but a movie about Superman and the beginnings of the Justice League, it definitely didn’t work. So it’s interesting to see how the cast and crew of Justice League are really harping on the lighter tone of the movie.

The biggest hurdle in my opinion of Batman v. Superman was how it had to do so much in just one movie. It had to set up the future Justice League movie, introduce a myriad of new characters and be something of a sequel to Man of Steel. That was ultimately to the movie’s detriment. Now with the Justice League movie being filmed, the producers are quick to emphasize how this is a team building movie from beginning to end. There is a clear focus to this film and WB has seemed to reeled in its ambitions to be more manageable.

How much of this is course correction to the reception of Batman v. Superman? Was this always how this film was supposed to be? We will probably never know until years from now. But am I more excited for the Justice League movie now? Absolutely. So WB is clearly taking steps in the right direction and getting people excited for their films. It is an exciting time to be a DC Comics fan.


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