What Has Me Excited At E3 2016: Spider-Man


The Sony conference at E3 2016 was full of surprises. One of the best in my opinion was the debut of the new Spider-Man game. At first only the Marvel logo was shown and it got me wondering as to what it could be. My mind instantly jumped to something Avengers related and then the Insomniac Games logo appeared after and my curiosity grew. Finally the trailer showed that it was a Spider-Man game. He had a very different but familiar costume but this was a solo Spider-Man game. I remember posts online about a new Spider-Man game being developed but I really paid no attention to. Activision, the video game publisher who I believe still have the rights to Spider-Man, had dropped the ball with the character. The last Spider-Man game that was pretty solid was in 2010 with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Since then, there was a loose followup to that game that was okay and two boring movie tie in games.

Immediately this game showed that Insomniac games knew what they were doing with Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a unique character as his skill set is one all about a great balance between strength and agility. The trailer showed that this was someone who could simultaneously move through a busy coffee shop while performing a flying kick through a window just to catch some bad guys. The last game to really get just what kind of powerset that Spider-Man has was Spider-Man 2 in 2004. The game was open world and this game seems to be as well which lends itself to a myriad of possibilities.


The game also seems to be in its own unique universe. It is not based on the upcoming movie. It also doesn’t seem to take itself from the regular Marvel Comics universe. There are billboards referencing “Osborn for Mayor” which no doubt indicates Norman Osborn aka the Green Goblin. It could also be his son Harry. The goons that Spider-Man fights within the trailer are the Inner Demons, who are the muscle for crime boss, Mr. Negative, a relatively new but popular Spider-Man villain. It’s no doubt that the developers are trying to make the Marvel equivelant to Batman: Arkham Asylum. That game was a game changer when it came to superheroes in video games. Marvel has yet to come to close to that but they are certainly trying it seems.


Spider-Man is my favorite Marvel superhero. So the fact that I was not even thinking about wanting a new Spider-Man game, much less excited to get one if it was announced, is not a good sign. However, Insomniac Games have changed my opinion. One of my favorite video game developers developing a game about one of my favorite superheroes is exciting. When will this game come out? Safe bet says that it will come out around the time of the next movie just to capitalize. I already made my preorder on Amazon for this game.


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