What Has Me Excited At E3 2016: Resident Evil VII


During Sony’s conference at E3, a spooky trailer came up during the presentation. It was a first person perspective and took place in a run down house. The building was just covered in filth and there were creepy elements abound. When the trailer ended, it was announced that the game was the latest entry in the Resident Evil franchise. Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. First thing worth noting is the subtitle. Biohazard is how the franchise is known outside of the United States. The title, Resident Evil, hasn’t really applied since the first game. Interviews following the announcement revealed that this is not a full reboot of the series as it does take place after the events of Resident Evil 6. It was also revealed that the game would be the first main entry in the series to be a first person perspective. It was clear that this game was all about change.

I am a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise. I have played all of the main entries in the franchise and some of the offshoots as well. However it was clear that by Resident Evil 6, it had gotten away from its horror roots. Resident Evil 4 was a spooky game with action elements while Resident Evil 5 was an action game with some spooky elements. 6 was all about actions with just creepy monsters. It was clear that the series needed a shot in the arm. The only way to get anything resemble the more horror Resident Evil was in the spinoff series, Resident Evil Revelations.

I am not the biggest fan of first person perspective. However, I played the demo released on the Playstation Network and see how it works. It really does bring back the horror aspect as you never know what’s around the corner. The demo takes place in the filthy house that was shown in the trailer and you really feel how disgusting it is. Really amping up as to how bad the situation that the character is in.


The developers have hinted that there will be gunplay involved but it wasn’t covered within the demo released. They have also said that the demo wasn’t actually in the game but does hint at what the actual game will cover. The demo hints at some sort of documentary crew investigating something, which may be ghosts, which is something that the series has never covered. Everything is explained through science so there may be other elements at play. There also may or may not be a hint towards Ada Wong, a franchise stalwart.

Either way, Resident Evil VII, is definitely the shot in the arm that the series needed. Many people who have fallen off of the series have taken interest. It is also good to see the series trying new things. Whether good or bad, trying something new is always welcome and keeps things fresh. As someone who had not fallen off of the series but wasn’t really excited either, this immediately got my interest. My Amazon preorder for the game has already been made.



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