Legends of Tomorrow Season One Review


Legends of Tomorrow is the ambitious spinoff show of Arrow and The Flash has ended its first season. The show was about a mix of heroes and villains who were popular in the shows they spun off from and banded them together in a time travelling adventure. However, while the show was ambitious it ultimately floundered. Legends of Tomorrow was never actually a terrible show but it was never a great show either.

The show was troubled from the beginning with an unsympathetic lead in the character of Rip Hunter. Rip Hunter proved to be while a good man ultimately, a selfish and uncaring man. He was supposed to be the leader of the team but all of his plans were haphazard and complicated. Though characters would frequently call him out and threaten to leave, they all still stayed and continued to follow someone who flat out admitted he would betray the team if it came to achieving his very selfish goal. This also stemmed to the main villain of the series, Vandal Savage. Vandal Savage was nothing more than a mustache twirling villain from the past. When the show did call for menace from the character, he just proved swarmy most of the time. It also didn’t help his character that the characters frequently beat and captured the character but had to let him go for plot convenience. It wasn’t all bad as the last few episodes of the season showed more from the character but it was little too late.

The rest of the characters were a mixed bag. There were some standouts such as Captain Cold, Heat Wave and White Canary; the villain and anti hero of the team. The characters who constantly clashed with others were given a lot to do or just got simple moments that highlighted their personalities. The show struggled with the straight up heroes such as The Atom, Hawkgirl and Firestorm. These characters came off flat and one note most of the time especially The Atom and Hawkgirl. A forced romance that ultimately went nowhere between the two characters also did more to damage character development than to improve it. Both halves of the Firestorm character improved gradually but even at the end, I found myself caring little about them.

The overall plot of the season was a mess also. The season was all about taking out Vandal Savage who was an immortal. That being said, they frequently had Vandal Savage at their grips but due to some reason or another, Savage would get away. There were some other complications in the form of Rip Hunter’s employers that seemed a bit forced especially by the end of the season. The time travel aspect was also uneventful as characters went from the Old West to the 60’s to the future but it was always especially dull and the writers never seemed to capitalize on it. The old west episode was personally looking forward to as it featured popular DC Comics character Jonah Hex but the episode never really went anywhere.

The problem with the show is that it seemed to be too big for its own good. The cast of characters are also very powerful so there would be episodes where they would be written out for frankly dumb reasons. A notable incident is where Stein and Jax could not merge into Firestorm on the team’s ship due to fusion being dangerous indoors despite we have seen them frequently fuse indoors. This is not even mentioning that a character like Firestorm is supposed to have a myriad of powers yet only shoots fireballs despite Heatwave who has a flamethrower being on the same team as well. By the end, the cast is ultimately streamlined in a way.

I would say that I was going to give up on the show. However something does happen in the last moments of the season finale that leaves me wanting to see where they go in the second season. First seasons of shows are usually tough, so while I was not thrilled with it, I am willing to give it another shot. Hopefully the writers of the show figured out where their strengths and weaknesses lied and will be addressed in the second season. Legends of Tomorrow was frankly a disappointing show. Never truly hitting great but was never outright terrible either. Here’s hoping for a better second season.


SCORE: 6/10


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