DC Extended Universe: A Rudderless Ship?

The DC Extended Universe has so far released two films: Man of Steel and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. The former was released to a mixed response while the latter was critically panned. Both movies however managed to turn a profit and so you can see why Warner Bros. would want to continue to make their own cinematic universe with their superheroes. However since the critical panning of Batman v. Superman things seem to be in disarray over at WB as to what to do with their burgeoning universe. Zack Snyder who directed the film is rumored to be at odds with the studio about the direction of the filming Justice League Part One. When looking at Marvel Studios it is easy to see where things greatly differentiate and that is a studio head.

Marvel Studios was founded as an independent production company run by Kevin Feige. This being an independent function thus brought with it a certain amount of free reign. Eventually Disney bought Marvel Enterprises but they continued to let Feige run Marvel Studios. In fact they eventually gave him more power as Marvel Studios (film division) split off from the rest of Marvel Studios. It is easy to see why as Feige has his finger on the pulse on what works. All of the Marvel Studios’ movies have turned a profit and thought there have been some movies that received a mixed reviews, there have never been any outright critically panned films.

So it’s easy to see that what Warner Bros. needs for it’s DC Extended Universe is for someone to steer the figurative ship. Reports say that Zack Snyder is more or less the person who is in charge. However his vision has become so decisive and there are rumors that WB wants him out. However, they announced he would be directing the Justice League movie and seemingly couldn’t fire him right before production started as it would leave bad taste in everyone’s mouths. There is also Geoff Johns, comic creator, who has his hand in the live action productions but he seems to be more involved in the television side than the films.

So what to do? The best bet would be for WB to hire someone who has their foot in both worlds. Kevin Feige worked for years under other studio heads on various Marvel productions before becoming the head of Marvel Studios. So it’s easy to see he got to witness firsthand about what worked and what didn’t work in those productions. He also seems to be a comic book fan but knows when to separate the fanboy from the business person. This is what WB should be looking for in spearheading its cinematic universe for its superheroes.

The universe is still young so while there may have been a few misfires, all hope is not lost. There is still enough time for someone to come aboard and help guide this universe. The DC Comics universe is full of rich characters and locales that can be seen in a new light on the big screen. Potential is there and just need to be seized upon because there is nothing worse than wasted potential.


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