Is Mystique Going To Ruin The Latest X-Men Movie?


The latest X-Men: Apocalypse trailer has been released with about a month to go before the movie is released. It has been hinted at before but it seems that Mystique will be the de facto leader of the team in the absence of Professor Xavier. One can’t help but notice that this has to do with the actress who is playing her; Jennifer Lawrence. When she first joined the series, she was something of an unknown. In between that time, she has won and Academy Award and become one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. This was noticeable in X-Men: Days of Future Past where she was extremely vital to the film. However when actually watching the film, she’s in a lot of scenes where she is just buy herself and probably could have been cut out of the movie, if push had come to shove.

So with the latest movie, she has taken the role as the anchor character. This distinction used to belong to another character, Wolverine. In fact on closer inspection, there are parallels between the two. In both first movies of their respective trilogies, both characters were important characters but not completely overshadowing the film. The second films centered around the characters where the plot was about them but not really about them at the same time. Now by the third, they are now the leader of the X-Men despite in universe, they probably shouldn’t be. Many complain and with fair reason that X-Men: The Last Stand is not really an X-Men movie but a “Wolverine and these other guys” movie. Will Apocalypse suffer the same fate but with Mystique.

By the end of the last movie, Days of Future Past, Mystique was not even an X-Men. Since I have yet to see the movie, something could have changed in between the ten year time gap of the two movies. It is poignant to note as to Hank McCoy/Beast deferring leadership to her despite him being with Xavier since First Class. It would seem to make more sense if he were the leader. This all may ultimately be explained in the movie. This does seem to gel with Fox not totally believing in the X-Men franchise as they tend to rely too much on a character such as Wolverine. Deadpool is the first X-Men movie without Wolverine making some sort of appearance. Maybe this will all backfire for the studio but who knows? The final product is yet to be seen.


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