Has The Zoom Storyline Gone Off The Rails?


After the end of the first season of The Flash, the producers promised that there would be a even deadlier threat in the next season. That threat turned out to be Zoom. During the beginning of the second season, Zoom was quickly introduced as another speedster from a parallel Earth and a force to be reckoned with. The Flash learned all of this from Jay Garrick, who was The Flash from Earth-2, which is where Zoom was from also. As the season continued, The Flash encountered acolytes of Zoom before finally meeting the man himself. What followed could only be described as embarrassing for The Flash. There was a mystery surrounding Zoom as no one knew who he was.

After visiting Earth 2 and nearly getting killed, The Flash returned to his home but not before Zoom apparently killed Jay Garrick. The next episode revealed that Jay Garrick was killed by Zoom but also that Jay Garrick was Zoom himself. How could this be? The protagonists of the show soon learned the truth about Zoom and Jay Garrick being one and the same. However, the latest episode as of this posting, revealed that Jay Garrick  and The Flash was simply an alias for Hunter Zolomon who is the true identity of Zoom.

As someone who has been following the show, this has all become convoluted and just filled with question marks about what’s going on. How did Zoom manage to kill a version of himself? A time remnant. What exactly is a time remnant? I couldn’t tell you as it is vaguely defined and could only be described as being a version of a character from a different timeline but wouldn’t that create a paradox?

One gets the feeling that the decision to make the actor who had been playing Jay Garrick also to play the role of Zoom was a late decision. There was the way that the character of Jay Garrick was treated when he first appeared. How he was a mentor to Barry Allen. They even went out of their way to recreate the cover of the issue when Barry Allen and Jay Garrick first met one another. When the protagonists learn of Zoom’s true identity,  Harry Wells reveals he knows who Hunter Zolomon is. Both characters are from Earth 2 and serial killers are not that common in that world. So Hunter Zolomon is a well known figure but how come no one recognized Zolomon as being The Flash? Well Zolomon had fairly long hair and facial hair. Then there is the character of Cisco. He has the unique ability to sense characters from other dimensions. He has been doing it all season long and with characters he doesn’t even necessarily interact with. However, he has been interacting with Jay Garrick/Hunter Zolomon/Zoom all season. So how come he only learned the true identity after the audience learned about it?

The mystery of Zoom has been an interesting one to say the least. Has it fully delivered? In my opinion, no it hasn’t. It seems all the build up has led to a lackluster payoff. It’s nothing that makes me want to quit the show or anything like that. All shows have missteps and this seems to be one of them. We will see if there are even more twists and turns to Zoom. Hopefully nothing things even more convoluted than they already are.


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