Why Is No One Talking About X-Men: Apocalypse


2016 is the release of X-Men: Apocalypse, the follow up to the critically acclaimed and at the time highest grossing X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past. One would think there would be much hype building around the movie. That’s not to say that there isn’t because there is. But it’s not as much as one might think. What could it be?

First before the movie is even released there will already be two gargantuan comic book based movies. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War are two huge blockbuster movies but they had the advantages of being released in spring and the first movie in the summer. The latest X-Men film is released during the glut of summer blockbusters.This has been a problem for many years now. It used to be there would be about a handful of big movies released during the summer. Now there is a big movie released every week. Apocalypse is now just another movie released and also another movie in the superhero genre which isn’t unique as it used to be.

Earlier in 2016, Deadpool was released into theaters. Its main character is a character that is related to the X-Men and actual features a few X-Men characters within. The movie was made on a smaller budget but went on to become the most financially successful film in the X-Men franchise. This is unique as no one expected the film to do so well as it did especially since it was R rated. This certainly could have knocked some winds from the sails of Apocalypse. Whereas Deadpool was an action comedy that is essentially a man trying to reunite with his love, Apocalypse will be another film where the end of the world is at stake. Time will tell as to what effect Deadpool ultimately has on the X-Men franchise post Apocalypse.

Another issue could be the franchise itself. The X-Men film franchise is considered to be the first major movie to kick off the superhero genre in 2000. There was Blade in 1998 but X-Men grossed over $100 million and took the source material seriously. Since then the series has seen its fair share of ups and downs with a financial high point but critical low point in 2006 with X-Men: The Last Stand. The movie series tried to continue with spinoffs featuring major characters like Wolverine but that character’s movie also suffered with critics. So in 2011, there was a reboot/prequel with X-Men: First Class. It was reviewed well but wasn’t that much of financial hit. So in 2014, X-Men: Days of Future Past was released and featured characters from the prequel era as well as characters from the first trilogy and in the end created a new continuity. This film was a huge financial and critical hit. So the issue with the hype around the series may be because people are used to the X-Men movies. They know what they are going to get.

So the film X-Men: Apocalypse may not be getting all the attention that some of its compatriots may be getting. Is that a problem? Who can say? If this were a week before the film was released, then that would definitely be a cause for concern. No doubt this film will be one of the biggest films of the year. People will be reminded of how much they love this franchise and can’t wait for another movie in the franchise.



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