Am I Excited For Doctor Strange? Not Really?


In November of 2016, Marvel Studios will be releasing their first new property since Guardians of the Galaxy and that will be Doctor Strange. This film will be unique because it will also be the studios first foray into the realm of magic/mysticism. There is an all star cast led by Benedict Cumberbatch who will playing the title role. The first trailer was released and it certainly felt very different from any other Marvel Studios film. Yet there remains one problem. I am not excited for the film.

I honestly cannot say as to why I’m disinterested in the film. It may have something to do with the character of Doctor Strange himself. When I was reading comics on the regular, Doctor Strange never had a solo series. He was someone who I thought worked best in guest appearances or in team books. There was also the issue that the character was someone who was too powerful. Whenever there were crossovers Doctor Strange was usually left out for any number of reasons in story but it was usually because he was too powerful and could resolve the issue with the snap of his fingers. There is a reason he is called the Sorcerer Supreme. The characters supporting cast is something of an enigma to me as well. So there is no one that I’m looking forward to. I am aware of some antagonists such as Dormamu or Nightmare but it is unknown who the main villain is. It would be reason to believe that the character will be toned down considerably in his film incarnation. Powerful characters such as Thor and the Hulk are nowhere near the power levels that they are in the comics.

Maybe by the time the actual film is released I will be more excited about the movie. There is still so much unknown about the movie. Who knows? Maybe this will all be a good thing. Since I’m not so invested in the character, I can be pleasantly surprised by the film. Only time will tell how I will feel about the Doctor Strange movie.


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