Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Future of the MCU


At CinemaCon 2016, Sony Pictures announced the title of their first Spider-Man film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Spider-Man: Homecoming. This will be the first feature film featuring the version of the character that will be introduced within “Captain America: Civil War”. So what does it mean exactly? The title definitely seems a bit on the nose but in a tongue in cheek sort of a way. Homecoming? Though Marvel proper still doesn’t have the movie rights to Spider-Man, they are fully engrained in the creative process for this movie. Spider-Man is now officially part of the flourishing Marvel Cinematic Universe and has always been the company’s flagship character. It is interesting to note the Marvel logo is on full display on the title card. The movie properties that Marvel does not have the movie rights to tend not to do that. In a sense, it is the prodigal son finally returning home.
So what does this mean for the future of the MCU? With marquee Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark/Iron Man on his way out of the franchise, it would not be crazy to see Marvel leaning heavily character to be their new marquee character. It has been rumored that Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker/Spider-Man signed a contract for a huge multi picture deal. Spider-Man is also the age 15 during his first appearance and the MCU seems to function in real time more or less, so the character can age at a real rate and the actor does not run the risk of being too old. So as one phase of Marvel seems to be ending, it seems that Spider-Man will be there to carry the franchise forward for years to come.


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