I’m Officially Done With “Arrow”

When the show “Arrow” started in 2012, I was lukewarm on it at first. Though like most shows when they first start, the show has to get over some rough patches. That is what happened as the show became more “must watch television” as the season went on. I was a fan of the show by the end of the first season and was anticipating season two. The second season of the show where I became a fanatic. It was firing on all cylinders with great storylines and character development and by the end of the second season, I could not wait for the third season. That is when my feelings on the show began to change.

The show started to suffer from a variety of different reasons. The main villain of the season was lackluster. The characters were all over the place with their decisions. The show began to become too wrapped up in it’s own melodrama such as the “will they/won’t they” of Oliver and Felicity. By the end of the season, I was someone who just didn’t care about what was going on. The season ended on a dud and the season finale acted more like a series finale. In retrospect, I wish it was.

The creative team behind the show knew about the criticisms that faced the third season and promised they would rectify it in the fourth. All shows have bad seasons so I was willing to give the show another shot. So when the fourth season premiered, I was hesitant but found myself entertained by the first few episodes. The main villain of the season was much more charismatic and interesting and the characters began to act more like real people and interesting and characters would acknowledge when they would mess up. However the problems began to rise up once again.

A key aspect of the show is that the show flashes back five years from present day to what Oliver Queen was doing. This season however the flashbacks are so sparse and short, it’s easy to forget what is going on. I have yet to miss an episode and honestly, I can’t say what is going on with the flashbacks besides the hunt for some magical artifact. Even then, I’m not too sure if that is correct.

When the season started, Oliver and Felicity were an item but as the season went along, there were numerous problems and as of this current writing, they are broken up. This relationship brings up one of the bigger problems within the show. Everything seemingly takes a back seat for this romance. Many people complain about the character of Laurel Lance/Black Canary. However, there was a recent episode where she got to show her chops as a district attorney and many note how this was one of her better episodes. It’s become apparent that since Felicity became the breakout character of the show, the other female characters in the main cast have taken a back seat. The character of Thea Queen has only been given two types of storylines, she is in a push/pull type of relationship with her father, Malcolm Merlyn, and she is caught up in a love story that goes nowhere with a character who usually disappears.

The perceived villain of the season, Damien Dahrk, has been put out of power and who the main villain of the season actually is, is up in the air. However, there have been hints of a bigger plot but the season is stretching things out that I’ve seemingly lost interest. The characters are dull and just seem to be stuck in a pattern of self loathing and melodrama. The storylines are stretched so far out that I can watch every episode and still have no idea what’s going on and not in a good way. So I decided that after the end of the season, I will not be tuning into the next season. It’s just no longer a show for me.


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