Will “Suicide Squad” Suffer Because Of “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”?

suicide-squad-reshoots-pic“Suicide Squad” will be the first movie released in the DC Extended Universe after “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”. Instead of focusing on the heroes that come from DC Comics, instead the film will focus on the villains. The team, Task Force X, informally dubbed the Suicide Squad, are a group of villains who are forcefully recruited into working for the government in exchange for time off but are also expendable and will be killed if they stray off from their objective or are considered a liability. The first footage from the film was released in a trailer from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and though it was not supposed to be released to the general public, it was leaked and WB had no choice to release it to the public. It was a haunting trailer with dramatic music and emphasizing that these were bad people who were being forced to do bad things. The trailer went over fairly well.

Cut to January 2016 and the first official trailer was released and it was a complete 180 from the trailer released months before. Queen’s “Boheminan Rhapsody” plays throughout the background and there is a general more “fun” tone to the trailer. Many people were wondering if the trailer was being reactionary. There were many comparisons to the trailer of “Guardians of the Galaxy”. The movie was still months away however and things went quiet about the movie.

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released to middling to bad reviews. Many found fault that there was no “fun” in the movie. Come March 31, 2016 and news reports saying how there were massive reshoots happening for the film. Reshoots are common place for big budget films but it was reported how these were more extreme and there was much more money being dumped into these reshoots than normal. So is this all reactionary towards “Batman v. Superman”? That seems to be a problem as that is not the movie that people set out to make and coming off more as studio mandates.

The movie is titled “Suicide Squad” and features a team of criminals and features one of the biggest villains in all of fiction, The Joker who is a mass murderer. If these reshoots are just reactionary to how “Batman v. Superman” was perceived, then that makes one concerned. If the film was not developed with this “more fun” tone from the beginning, it can come off jarring especially if the more fun elements clash with the rest of the film. Time will tell and audiences will all certainly know when the film is released in August 5, 2016.


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