Why Is “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” So Decisive?


“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” was released on March 25, 2016 to middling to terrible critical reviews. However, audience going acclaim seems to land somewhere to the middle to positive. So why is there such a divide? My views on the film are that it is a flawed film but still enjoyable. There has been much made about the score on Rotten Tomatoes and how low the score is. There are also much made about how an interview told Ben Affleck about how the critics were responding and one could see how despondent that he became when hearing the news. Many are coming after critics for various reasons such as “not getting it”, “being paid off” or “out to ruin the DC movie universe”. All of this seems to be unwarranted and extremely reactionary. Is it because how much people really love these characters and want them to prosper and thus why there is seemingly no middle ground. Needless to say, WB is reacting to all of the critical bashing that the film is receiving. There has been much made about the three hour “ultimate cut” that will be released on home video in the summer. There are rumors about how this was the movie that was supposed to be released up until a few months before the movie’s release. That certainly would help explain as to why there are so many editing issues within the film. Will the edition be released and make WB realize that they should have released the three hour long film. Time will tell…


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