Daredevil Season 2 Episode 1 “Bang” Review

The title of the episode, “Bang” is a good way to describe the episode and start of the new season. The show picks up about six months after the events of the first season finale and Daredevil has become a hero of the people. Matt Murdock is seemingly riding high as he is able to dish out justice at night while his law firm, Nelson & Murdock, is filled with clientele. There are also hints of a burgeoning romance between he and Karen Page. However, this all changes with the introduction of The Punisher. The character is never addressed by name, real or alias, but it is clear as to what he is about from his few scenes in the episode. He only speaks one word and that is the title of the episode and it sets the stage for the rest of the season.

The episode does a good job of not missing a beat to people who were following the show since the beginning but also does a good job for people who are new to the show. It does a good job of referencing history but never gets too bogged down on it that might turn a new viewer off of the show. The returning cast is exceptional as always especially Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil. There is a certain arrogance about the character now as it is implied that he is riding high on himself. Jon Berenthal makes his introduction as Frank Castle/The Punisher. The character is rarely seen but you understand how this character is. Before we even see him, we see his work at hand and the brutality of it all. When we finally do see him, he is very Terminator-esque. Never missing a beat and with a single focus: kill.

The episode ends on a little cliffhanger and while the tension may not be there as we can all figure that our main character is never in actual danger or seriously injured, it does set the stage for the season. Matt Murdock’s life will always be a roller coaster.


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