Justice League or The Avengers? Justice League


DC Comics and Marvel Comics are the two major comic book publishers, specifically superhero comics. They both have their own superheroes unique to their brand and each publisher has a team book consisiting of its major superheroes. DC Comics has the Justice League (originally called the Justice League of America). Marvel Comics has The Avengers. While I love both teams, I am a bigger fan of the Justice League than The Avengers.

First point would have to go to the lineup. The original seven members of the Justice League are: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Green Lantern and the Martian Manhunter. That is already an impressive lineup consisting of the best of DC Comics’ superheroes. Later additions would include heroes such as Green Arrow, Hawkman, Hawkwoman, Black Canary and others. I always liked how the Justice League would seemingly weigh their options more when considering new members. The Avengers, especially lately, always seemed like if you’re a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe, you’re pretty much guaranteed to join The Avengers.

Next up would have to be the villains. The DC Comics universe arguably has the better villains compared to Marvel Comics. This should extend to the villains of the collection of the best superheroes. The list includes: Starro, Despero, AMAZO, the White Martians, Darkseid, The Royal Flush Gang, Vandal Savage, the Crime Syndicate and many more. There is a healthy mix of more lowkey villains to the more bombastic. This enables the team to have a variety of different storylines.

Finally the storylines of the team are top notch. From the printed form to the animated to the soon to be live action. I started reading the assortment of Justice League titles right before Grant Morrison took over the book titled, “JLA”. This is quintessential Justice League as most of their major enemies are featured in some form and there is a healthy mix of the major superheroes mixed with the not so major. This is also a magnum opus as all the storylines leads into Morrison’s finale, which makes one who started with Morrison see his end. Geoff Johns is also currently doing an excellent job with the book and really makes it the flagship book of DC Comics.

Special mention must go towards, “Justice League” animated series from the early 2000’s. This was the final entry in the DC Animated Universe which started with “Batman: The Animated Series”. This is what really made into a Justice League fan as the show started out featuring seven heroes but by the end, it was in the dozens but it was one that never got lost in its vastness and had a great mix of action, comedy and drama.

When it comes to the Avengers and Justice League, I love both teams. However, I will always love the Justice League just that much more.


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