Finn Was My Favorite Character In The Force Awakens


The latest entry in Star Wars, The Force Awakens, was released weeks ago. The film features a mix of returning characters as well as new characters. There has been much rejoicing about the mix of new characters. My favorite in particular has to be the character of Finn.

Finn is an interesting character as he starts out the movie as someone who quickly regrets where his life has taken him after a particular incident. He quickly decides to high tail it out of his situation which leads him into a life that he never expected to have. I was with the character as soon as the audience realized who he was.

Watching the movie, Finn’s arc consist of him having regret, choosing to run away, stand up for people he barely knows, experiencing new things, hiding/lying about who he is, facing past demons and overcoming his fears. Even with all that baggage, there is still a light heartedness to the character. The movie never dwells too much on these things but they are always there and there is a healthy balance between the serious and not so serious.

There is much to the character that is yet to be explored. Within the first film of the new trilogy, it is clear that there will be repercussions to Finn’s actions in the film. He is left in a precarious position and there are certainly people gunning for him. After seeing the film many times, I am on board to see the continuing adventures of Finn and where this journey takes his character.


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