Why I’m Excited For Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

In 2016, Warner Bros. will release the very first feature in their DC Extended Universe that does not rely on Superman or Batman (who does make an appearance) and that will be a film about the Suicide Squad. The movie is based on the DC Comics comic of the same name which after a retooling in the 80′s became about a team of super villains, forced into government servitude, sent on missions that have little to no chance of survival. This will be the immediate follow up to “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” which will be released earlier in the year. It will also arguably be a true test to DC Comics and Warner Bros. to see if their characters, who are not Batman or Superman, can have a presence on the big screen.

Since the superhero renaissance in film in 2008, there have been many types of films in the genre. However, “Suicide Squad” will be the first film to have the villains as the main characters. All members of the Squad are murderers and who knows what else is on their individual rap sheets. The squad’s leader, Amanda Waller, is a woman with a goal in mind and she’s willing to cross any boundaries to achieve that. Even though she is ostensibly a “good guy”, her role will very much be gray, maybe even a lighter shade of black.

The writer/director of the film is David Ayer. His screenwriting credits include, “Training Day” “End of Watch” “Sabotage” and “Fury”. The latter three are also films that he directed as well. The first three are gritty crime dramas while the last one is a gritty war drama. The last two are very much ensemble pieces. Frankly, I believe Warner Bros. found the perfect person to helm this movie. He is familiar with handling big action scenes mixed with crime drama and interpersonal moments. When he was first announced as being the helmer of the movie, “Sabotage’ is the film that came to mind immediately. That movie featured morally dubious members of a team doing morally dubious things which lends itself well to a movie about the Suicide Squad.

Little is known about the actual film itself. The Joker figures into the plot in some fashion. The air of mystery surrounding the film keeps it fresh and exciting. While the film does come out after, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”, there are rumors that the film is set before the film with in the DC Extended Universe continuity. So this leaves many cards in the air as where this film will take the burgeoning franchise. Hopefully, it will be to exciting and fun places.


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