Why “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Is My Most Anticipated Movie of 2016


“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the first time that the two titular characters will be appearing in a live action film together. Both characters have been around for a little over 75 years. Both characters are marquee characters for DC Comics. Their team up comic was once called, “The World’s Finest”. There is always something magical when these two come together, no matter what the medium.

When it comes to DC Comics and their superheroes, these are my favorite two. Batman will always be number one as my first exposure to him was through, “Batman: The Animated Series”. I’m not exactly sure when Superman came into my life as I feel like the character has always just been there. However, I developed a great appreciation for the character when “Superman: The Animated Series” started to come on television. About a year into the show is when they finally announced that Batman from the animated series would be appearing on the show.

I was about six or seven years old and it blew my mind as shows rarely crossed over those days especially since Batman’s animated series had been off the air for some time and he was coming back with a new design. The network treated it as a one hour and ninety minute TV movie dubbed “The World’s Finest” which was the title of the three part episode that was fused together to make the movie. This was something that blew my mind as a little kid, what was even more interesting in retrospect, the two heroes never come to physical blows. There is a brief moment of that but that’s all it is, brief.

The show really plays the dichotomy of the two while showing where they differ, it also shows where they are very much similar to one another. There would be many crossovers between the two animated series to come even crossing over into “Batman Beyond” where it starred a retired, 80 something year old Bruce Wayne and an aged but still physically capable Superman. This all culminated into the Justice League animated series where it continued to show how the two differ but are still similar and how they are probably best friends with one another without actually admitting it.

I began reading comics around this time and the relationship two was somewhere between best buddy and the relationship that they have that was portrayed in Frank Miller’s “The Dark Knight Returns”. They started to edge more towards the “best friends with differences” which I loved as I never got the appeal of their relationship as it is shown in “The Dark Knight Returns”. There were animated movies coming out that focused on the two and I devoured every one and when Superman was finally allowed to appear on “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” I couldn’t be any happier.

There is always something magical to me when the two characters appear with one another. Not only because these are two of my favorite superheroes. The dichotomy but the similarities between them makes for interesting stories. “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” could be the greatest movie ever or the world movie to exist but there is no denying that there is something wonderful about seeing the two finally appear together on the big screen.

March 2016 can’t come faster.


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