Batman: Arkham Knight Review

“Batman: Arkham Knight” is the end of the trilogy of games developed by Rocksteady. The studios’ last entry was in 2011 with “Arkham City” which is considered by many to be the ultimate Batman game. So what more could the studio bring to the franchise?

First and foremost, the game is absolutely stunning to look at. The characters are detailed to an absurd degree as there are certain story elements that only the observant eye may notice and only the power of the current generation could bring about. Gotham City is something to behold. One really gets the sense of how this city can be something beautiful but also a city that has a seedy underbelly ready to burst through.

The newest addition to the franchise is the Batmobile. This is something that many have been clamoring for since Rocksteady’s first entry in the series. It is something of a mixed bag however. While the actual Batmobile is fun but can be tricky as the controls are somewhat finnicky. This really isn’t a problem until you are forced to go into races. Then there is the tank mode o the Batmobile and this is something you will be seeing a lot as there are many encounters that forces the player to use this mode.

Now the story mode. The story is probably the weakest aspect of the game. Batman is forced to deal with the combined efforts of his old foe, the Scarecrow as well as the mysterious new Arkham Knight. While the Scarecrow is the big bad, he is not really encountered as much as the Arkham Knight. The mystery of the Arkham Knight proves to be anti-climatic as there are certain elements that are introduced in this game that give it away immediately. There is also another character that seems like the developers put in as they felt that a Batman game wouldn’t be good without this character. There are many side missions that help stretch out the game. They do not feel like padding. Instead they help enforce the idea that is put out at the beginning of the game, “This is how the Batman died”.

Overall, “Batman: Arkham Knight” is a triumph of a game. It deserves to be played by returning players as well as new ones.

Score: 9/10


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