In Defense of “Arkham Origins”

With “Batman: Arkham Knight” coming out in a little under two weeks as of this posting, I decided to look back at the most recent game in the “Batman: Arkham” series and that was “Arkham Origins”. This is probably the most decisive game in the franchise for a number of reasons. The main reason stems from the fact that it was not developed by Rocksteady Games but instead by WB Montreal. Accepting the fact that the game was developed by another studio and more than likely published simply because WB Games probably wanted to keep the Arkham series name in people’s mouths, you’ll see that there is actually a really good, if not great, game to be played here.

I consider myself a story person when it comes to media. The story in Origins is the best of the three Arkham games that have been released. Arkham Asylum was a simple cat and mouse game where Batman was simply trying to keep up with The Joker. Arkham City had a more convoluted story where there were two main storylines running parallel that never completely gelled together. Origins, more than likely due to the virtue of being an origin story, has the best story as we see Batman in his second, going on third year, dealing with the downfall of the mob and the rise of the costumed criminal while also dealing with his severe trust issues with Gordon and Alfred.

The gameplay is solid as well. While it is simply Arkham City with a few tweaks, it is still fun to play and never gets boring. The only fault that one can say is that there was no risks taken. This is probably the biggest fault of the game overall. It is more of the same. While WB Montreal was probably not allowed to rock the boat in any sort of major way as Rocksteady was developing Arkham Knight at the time. However, when people say that Arkham Origins is a bad game and a travesty, it is easy to see where those people are coming from and it is not a place that is a warm place at that.


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