Mad Max: Fury Road Review

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is the return of the eponymous character as well as the world he inhabits. It has been thirty years since “Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome” and creator George Miller returns with a vengeance. The resources that go into movies have drastically increased and one gets the sense that this is the kind of movie that Miller wanted to create but was limited in doing so.
Is this movie a reboot? The movie never really says. There are certain indications that this takes place after “The Road Warrior” but before “Beyond Thunderdome” but it is of no real importance to the plot. The movie just starts with this is the world Max inhabits and go with it. A bold statement considering it has been thirty years between movies.
“Fury Road” finds Max teaming up with Furiosa, a woman who is transporting precious cargo. This precious cargo just happens to be a group of young women who are the “property” of Immortan Joe, a warlord who uses these women to produce a “perfect” baby. What ensues is essentially two long chases that spans the movie. Along the way both encounter Nux; a member of the War Boys who are a group of sickly young men who are devoted to Joe.
Tom Hardy plays the title character but he is essentially an avatar. He fits more in line with how the character was in The Road Warrior. A man of few words who is along for the ride. He does a fine job but he doesn’t quite have the Mel Gibson charisma. Charlize Theron plays Furiosa and is the character who drives the plot. Her character is someone you can tell has had to do terrible things without ever mentioning what and now looking for redemption. Hugh Keays-Byrne, who previously played Toecutter from the first Mad Max movie, plays Immortan Joe. Joe is the warlord of The Citadel which is the main hub of the movie and rules over everything like a cult leader complete with fanatical followers. Nicholas Hoult plays Nux, a member of the War Boys who gets the most character development in the entire film.

The true star of the movie is the action. The movie never fails in this department which is certainly impressive as it is mostly contained of action scenes with few non peppered throughout. There is a strong mix of practical and CG effects that make up the wonder of the action. This also applies to the wonder of the world as well as there is something oddly beautiful of the world dubbed “The Wasteland”.

Overall, George Miller has proved that despite being away from the series for thirty years, he has not lost sense of what made the series popular to begin with. It is a thrill ride through and through. It is a highly enjoyable and rewatchable film. Certainly one of the best movies of 2015.


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