Why Announcing Ant-Man Will Be Part of “Captain America: Civil War” Was A Smart Move

“Ant-Man” has been the most decisive Marvel Studios since the studios conception. The film was supposed to be one of the first to be produced but various behind the scenes issues forced the movie to keep being pushed back. When the film was finally given a release date and with director Edgar Wright at the helm, anticipation grew. Then a few weeks before the film was supposed to start filming, Wright announced he was leaving due to creative differences with the studio.
It all sorted itself out eventually and the film had been made but fans were still skeptical especially without Wright directing. It is widely believed and more or less confirmed that Wright left because he could not make the film he wanted. Marvel Studios has a formula and that is how all of the projects that come from it must make sense within the established universe and all be connected with one another.
While doing press for “Age of Ultron” Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was asked about the “Ant-Man” film and how important it would ultimately be. He very cryptically said that this would be the film to set up “Captain America: Civil War” which has been informally dubbed Avengers 2.5.
So when the casting announcement that Paul Rudd who plays the titular Ant-Man would be appearing in “Civil War”, some were shocked but others remembered what Feige said. This was a great move to draw up hype for “Ant-Man”. Showing that there is a greater importance to the film than previously believed. With this news going to become talked about more as the film draws closer to release and audiences knowing how all of these films are connected. In one master stroke Marvel Studios has proven what a marketing genius it is by taking one movie audiences were skeptical on and making it essential for a future release.


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