Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

First and foremost, I loved this movie. Thought it was absolutely incredible. I definitely feel that it was the best of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Not only was it a faithful if somewhat loose adaptation of my favorite Captain America storyline but it was just a great movie in general.


The story was super tight. It never really dragged. It definitely captured the nuance of Steve Rogers and the world that he lives in. While I’m still not a fan of hers, Scarlet Johanson as Black Widow, she does definitely step it up and make me like her much more. Still think she’s pointless but whatever. I was absolutely in love with The Falcon in this movie. Every time that guy was on screen, I had a big smile on my face. You finally get to see Nick Fury kick ass on screen and be an actual character.

One thing that has bugged me of the Marvel movies lately is all the unnecessary humor. Thor: The Dark World suffered majorly because of this. This movie was definitely a course correction. It does have it humor but usually just to add levity. These characters were in serious situations and treated it as such and that was definitely appreciated.
One of the only knocks I have against it, is that the CGI is a bit wonky especially towards the end. But it never really took me out of it but it did make me notice. Also even though he is in the title, The Winter Soldier is not really in the movie all the much but he is enough of a presence. But you can tell there is much more to come.

Score: 5/5


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